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Information for teachers and schools about Zaidee’s Education Program and Resources

Our young people are hungry for ways that they can make a difference in the world and in the Australian community. They are concerned about the environment, climate change, wars and poverty, yet have little or no power to make positive contributions to changing our world.

The inspiring story of Zaidee’s life saving gift and her family’s commitment to informing and inspiring others to give, is not just about organ donation, but about the ways in which we can make a contribution to the lives of others and the wellbeing of our community.

Schools are searching for ways to connect students with Australian stories that will inspire our young people and motivate them to give to the community. This resource and the Foundation’s School programs are valuable ways to empower our community.

Getting Started - What you need to know to teach about organ and tissue transplantation and donation

DonateLife, the website of The Australian Governments’ Organ and Tissue Authority, provides excellent information for teachers to access before introducing the topics in the lessons to students and current information to present to students.

Recommended for all teachers:

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