Primary Teaching ideas


DonateLife, the website of The Australian Governments’ Organ and Tissue Authority resources are recommended in the lessons. Years 3-6 can access the website to research the information they will require to complete the activities in the lessons. If your classroom has computers you may wish to set the students a website quest on the DonateLife website. They could complete this in class time in small groups or in the library or at home. The website quest should involve searching for information and noting the section in which is it found and a response from the student(s). Aim to develop higher thinking skills and problem solving. For years 5- 6 you could expand the activity to be a web quest on the topic of organ and tissue donation and transplantation. For information on creating a web quest go to ozline

Some quest question examples:

How many Australians currently need organ and tissue transplants?___________________________

How many Australians are currently registered as organ and tissue donors?_____________________

What can you donate?_______________________________________________________________

What is a ‘living donor’?______________________________________________________________

List 10 medical conditions where people need transplants?___________________________________

What year had the highest number of organ donors and transplant recipients to date?_____________

Why is there a shortage of organs and tissues?___________________________________________

Who can be organ and tissue donators? Why?____________________________________________

When you decide to become a donor what steps do you need to take?_________________________

In Australia who will always be asked to confirm the donation wishes of the deceased before donation for transplantation can proceed?_______________________________________________________